12 March 2008

Tournament time comes early to the unemployed.

I've made a big deal about taking off work the first two days of the NCAA tournament for the past five or so years. I'm of the camp who thinks it should be some sort of national holiday. I mean, the tons of money lost in worker productivity is a news story every year. You're not going to get any work done, so why go through the silly charade of actually going to the office?

Someone (or several someones) always makes me feel like an ass for taking days off work to watch basketball. I get over it pretty quickly, though. You know what? I love basketball. And the best two days of basketball in any given year are the first two days of the NCAA tournament. So screw you, Judgey McJudgerson.

Oh, but what's this? Conference tournaments are televised during the day? I can watch basketball all day the week before the NCAA tournament starts? How delightful! I even get to see the Gophers play in the Big Ten tournament tomorrow.

Can you take a sick day when you're unemployed? 'Cause I'm totally going to do that tomorrow. No getting up at 7:00. No perusing the usual suspects for new job postings. I'll still go to the gym, because that will make me feel better. But other than that, it's resting on the couch and watching hoops. Especially since I have a second interview this week (two interviews in one week, not a second interview for a specific job) on Friday. I don't think my interview went particularly well this afternoon, as I'm seriously not well. But I really didn't think I could call in sick to a job interview, right?

I may do some baking tomorrow. Though, I can't really trust my judgment as I'm so congested I can't taste much of anything. Perhaps I'll find something else to do with my energy. I'm sick and went to yoga and a job interview today, but I've still had a bit of excess energy. *sigh* I'm a lost cause.

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Jen said...

Dude if I could I would totally come and watch this shit with you. Boo for living 1000 miles away. Or 900. Whatever it is.