18 March 2008

"My quick smells like French toast."

Um, okay.

I see this commercial replacing the Formerly Fat Fuck commercial (airing this very second!) as the one that eventually drives me crazy during the NCAA tournament.

Last year, it was the Coach K commercials for State Farm.

For now, though, that line ("My quick smells like french toast.") is still cracking me up/confusing me. I keep inserting another word for "quick" every time I see it. Okay, it's usually "farts." Hey, I'd be holding a press conference too, if my farts smelled like French toast.


StoopidNoodle said...

I am already tired of this commercial. French Toast made it watchable the first 2000 times.

I like the fart substitution game, but I think a sexual version is better.

Like fortune cookies, add "in bed" to the end. My quick smells like French toast in bed.

Jess said...

Hmmmm. I thought the sexual version would be something like:

"My doggie style smells like French toast."

What about a combo? "My farts smell like French toast ... in bed." That's a Dutch oven I wouldn't protest.