21 March 2008

The most wonderful time of the year.

Ah, the opening days of the NCAA tournament. Is there any better time of year? I would say not. The only thing that could make it better would be watching basketball while drinking at Lyle's during a snowstorm. Okay, so it's not exactly a snowstorm out there today (though, my mom would have you believe otherwise), but drinking at Lyle's with KayGee and Sweetness while watching Day Two of the NCAA tournament is pretty sweet.

My brackets don't look too bad after yesterday. You don't really get a sense of how you're going to do the first weekend, anyway. I think last year I thought I was done after opening weekend, but boy did that change. So my big upset didn't happen. Big fucking deal.

I'm concerned about how much basketball I'll be able to watch tomorrow and Sunday. Stupid fucking Easter. How dare you screw with the NCAA tournament. Not only do I have to figure out how I'm going to get to watch the games while I'm attending a surprise 40th birthday party, but I also have to figure out how I'm going to skip out on Easter Vigil Mass tomorrow night.

Though, I think I figured that out while discussing my usual Mass-avoidance strategies with The Boy I Currently Like last night. It's completely passive-aggressive, but I don't want to fight with my dad, so I usually just suck it up and go. But sweet Jesus, Easter Vigil Mass sucks. It's late on Saturday and it's LONG. I may have to sacrifice some basketball, but if I spend my afternoon and early evening hours drinking at this birthday party, I think I'll be okay. Lord knows you can't go to Mass drunk.

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