02 March 2008

It is bad enough ...

That you're doing the couples workout thing. Though, I was terribly pleased to be spared any PDA. I suppose you could have been one of those couples, walking around the track, holding hands. Or God forbid, the girl in my yoga class one Saturday morning whose boyfriend came in while the class was dispersing for chit chat and kisses. What the fuck is this, junior high? Gyms should have a no kissing policy.

So, yeah, there was no PDA. But dudes -- matching workout clothes? The matchy-matchy thing is bad enough, but y'all had to take it up a notch, didn't you? Oh yes. You had to have matching Carolina basketball t-shirts, didn't you? *shakes head sadly* What I wouldn't have given to have one of the unitard guys around to provide a little delightfulness to my Sunday workout.

Side note: I'd totally forgotten about the Dish Network installation on Friday and was all, "CNN? SportsCenter? What's going on?" when I stepped on the treadmill. Sure, SportsCenter was over right after I arrived and Pro Bowling (not a looker in that bunch) followed. Still, I think bowling is better than some stupid infomercial or whatever.


Bethando said...

I am intrigued that you are such a true blue sports fan. I would like to know the following things, if you don't MIND answering:

1.) Football or Hockey?

2.) Boxing or UFC?

3.) Summer or Winter Olympics?

And last but not least, who is your favorite NFL team (if you have one) and why? It's cool if I'm getting a little too personal. After all, a girls' sports watching and habits are personal. You need not tell me about the article of clothing you wear to insure that the Wolves or the Twins meet victory.

Jess said...

Oh, of course I don't mind answering.

1. This is probably blasphemy coming from a born-and-bred Minnesota girl, but I've never been much of a hockey fan. My high school didn't have hockey (still doesn't), so I never really even saw it until I started watching the state tournament on TV in high school (mainly to see cute boys). I love football, though.

2. Is neither an option? Forced to choose, I'd go with UFC, because it sometimes seems kinda gay-porny and I am always tickled by that.

3. Summer, no contest. I've been drooling over the "08/08/08" spots on NBC for a while now. A girl can only go so long without seeing Michael Phelps's torso, you know?

As for my favorite NFL team ... well, it's a long story. But I wrote about it here and here.

Muffy Willowbrook said...

I am also waiting for Summer Olympics, maybe we should have a festivus to celebrate it together?

Let's hang out soon, K?

I was a hockery cheerleader in high school, which makes me a super retard, but whatev.

this post is hilarious....

Jess said...

Oh fuck. Will August ever be here? I like the idea of getting drunk and watching the Olympics. I'm just assuming we'd do it drunk, because how else does one watch the Olympics?

(Also, yes: Let's hang out soon!)

I'm going to expose my dirty little secret here -- I was a football and wrestling cheerleader. I feel closer to you now than ever, Muffy!

JP said...

I never ever was a cheerleader.. as i was the girl who made fun of the cheerleaders. (and threw things at them).

Muffy Willowbrook said...

JP: You were ONE OF THOSE in high school? I beat up girls like you after cheerleading practice, and then smoked my cigarettes.

Jess said...

I made fun of my fellow cheerleaders. Those bitches were so dumb that they'd want to do cheers like "What do we want? Touchdown! Louder! Touchdown!" When we were on defense.

I'd walk about 20 or 30 yards down field and watch them when that happened, because God forbid they listen to me when I told them they were making asses of themselves.

JP said...

Muffy - I beat up plenty of cheerleaders... I spent plenty of time throwing my right hook.

I was the girl who took welding in high school and then would play poker with the guys on Saturday nights.. really I was a total tom boy.

Jess- that is funny!

Bethando said...

Being more than SOMEWHAT uncoordinated, I was never a cheerleader, either, JP. I always wanted to be, though, because those girls had hot boyfriends and were getting laid. In hind sight, I'm glad I never was because I probably would be a welfare mom with 8 kids, instead of a poor working mom with one kid. Thanks for the answers to my questions, jess. I, too, love drunk summer Olympics games and if Bill and I are there this summer, I'd be happy to bring the home brew! (That was me inviting myself to hang out with the cheerleaders :)

StoopidNoodle said...

There was a couple that would come into the gym I went to a few moves ago, and they too would wear some coordinated outfits. The guy never worked out but instead would 'spot' his girlfriend on all of these machines that put her in near-pornographic poses. He would then make sure all the guys in the gym saw her. Sometimes even approaching us and actually pointing her out. I guess it was his version of chest pounding/dick measuring. When they would leave the whole gym would share a collective laugh.

Jess said...

Holy douchebag, Batman!