01 March 2008

Impromptu soirée.

Last weekend, I thought it would be a fabulous idea to have a (Wii!) party for Leap Day. We only get one every four years. We should probably do something fun with it, right? But people were busy or sick or apparently didn't fucking care enough to let me know one way or another if they were interested (a common problem with some of my friends). So, I said "Fuck it," because I was all moody and shit anyway.

The World's Worst Wing Woman is on Spring Break and her sister is in town, so we were supposed to hang out. Over the course of our planning last night to hang out tonight, we've managed to make it into a bit of a shindig. There's a law school friend coming. A former work colleague and oh, Mrs. Dirk, too.

I've become a bit obsessed with this hostessing thing. Maybe I'm watching a bit too much Nigella. But really, you can't have too much Nigella. God, I love her. I often tell The Boy I Currently Like how I want to wrestle her in chocolate. After I made her Triple Chocolate Brownies last weekend, I now know that batter is the form of chocolate in which I wish to wrestle with her. Sweet fucking Christ, those things are rich. But so good.

Damn. I've gotten off track. Stupid, sexy Nigella! I watch whichever incarnation of her show is on Sunday mornings on Food Network. She is always feeding groups of people and it's often some last-minute, pulled together thing. That's what I'm feeling like tonight is. I've got random things I can pull together to create a bit of a spread and then I'm going to try out her Red Kidney Bean Dip, which I've been wanting to test out for a while.

I think I'm getting much better about having stuff around the house that can be used for little nibbley things when people come over on short notice. I want to be a good hostess. Maybe not so nuts as my friend's mom who will say she's going to make us a snack and brings a plate of fruit and cheese out and then follows that up with homemade Pad Thai and a Thai beef salad (did I mention her mom is Thai?). That's something to strive for, of course. But I'm happy at the moment if I can bust out cheese and crackers, chips and salsa (maybe even guac), hummus and pita or veggies or whatever. Or some little frozen thing from Trader Joe's, which I almost always have now.

I may not always have booze for them, but I can at least feed them so they don't get too drunk too fast and get sick. Though, I really do try to have extra liquor, just in case. (And God forbid I run out if there's a snowstorm or I'm feeling lazy or something.) It's rarely necessary, because if my friends are good about one thing, it's bringing their own booze to the party/pre-party/whatever.

When I started writing this, I was feeling kind of tired and blah and not wanting people to come over. I think I've talked myself into being a bit more stoked now. It's about time for me to get my ass in the kitchen.


Anonymous said...

So did you not have a WII party?

Jess said...


(Dude, if you're not doing anything, you should totally come over!)

Muffy Willowbrook said...

How was the party?

Jess said...

It was fun. We drank and Wiied and Macho Man got to experience the estrogen. Mrs. Dirk said I was a great hostess, which totally made my day.

Though, I was somewhat thwarted in my hostessing, as World's Worst Wing Woman and her crew showed up and said "We need real food because we didn't eat dinner." So, I have much leftover in the snack department. Oh well.

blythe said...

oh nigella. it's like food porn.

Jess said...

In my brownie batter wrestling fantasies, we move from food porn to real porn very quickly.

Jess said...

Important party note: There is an empty bottle of Purple Rain Mad Dog 20/20 in my recycling.