11 March 2008

I can taste your sadness.

And it is delicious!

I went to town to meet my mom for lunch, and on my drive back to the highway I saw something that gave me a hearty giggle. Some dork has a big ol' Packers flag in their front yard and it is flying at half-mast.

For some reason, I feel like I should go burn Favre in effigy in their driveway. But I've got a hair appointment, so I guess I'll have to do it next time I'm home.

Also: Holy Jebus, is it beautiful outside. It smells like Spring!


crushthemall said...

I escaped outside for 5 minutes and I can still feel the warmth. I can't wait until it goes back to freezing temperatures!

Muffy Willowbrook said...

It's beautiful there? what the?? It's supposed to be freezing right now! Ugh.....

how are you?????

Jess said...

I was totes out in just a t-shirt all afternoon. The bank thermometer in Mankato said 53 and the thermometer on my deck was reading 51 when I got home a little more than an hour ago. YES!

Muffy, why are you reading my blog while you're on vacation? Stop that!

Bethando said...

I use to like you. Now? Not so much.


Jess said...

Do keep in mind that I still can't watch Kevin Garnett and was brought to tears reading something about him a week or two ago.

Misery loves company.