27 March 2008

High school hoopin'.

Because Lord knows I cannot get enough basketball, I am heading out later this morning to watch my high school boys' basketball team play in the state tournament. I'm not super-loyal to my high school or anything. I'm mostly going because I don't have shit else to do, I thought I might get a free lunch out of it (meeting the 'rents), they're playing in Mariucci Arena and let's face it: I love basketball.

The prospect of a free lunch really isn't on the table any longer, as the 'rents are taking the bus because they're supposed to get a ton of snow today. Oh, I'm sure I'll grab a hot dog or something at the game, but that's about it. Honestly, I'm most intrigued by seeing a basketball game in Mariucci. When my mom told me they were playing there I told her she should check to make sure that was right, because I'd never, ever heard of basketball being played at Mariucci. And according to my dad, this is the first time basketball will be played in Mariucci. I've never seen Gopher hockey in there. I've only been in the lobby to pick up my season football or basketball tickets. So, that'll be interesting.

As far as I know, my high school boys' team has never gone to state. However, I could totally be wrong about that. Our girls' basketball team went when I was in third grade, so I barely remember that. And I went to more state wrestling tournaments than I can count. But I've never actually been to the boys' basketball state tournament. When I was a senior we came up here ostensibly to go to the tournament, but the closest we got was driving by the Civic Center one day on our way to see some boys at their hotel. I still can't believe our parents let us do that shit unsupervised. I wonder whatever happened to those pictures of the bathtub full of alcohol. Good times.

Update: Holy crap did that suck. They lost by 45 points. I'm shocked it wasn't worse. Theory was they were terrified. OMG. We're playing a team full of black guys. Oh, and that one Big Whitey. Some things never change. Thank the sweet Baby Jesus tonight is the Sweet Sixteen.

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