19 March 2008


It's amazing what a little extra sleep will do for a body, apparently. I didn't set my alarm today and I only slept about 45 extra minutes, but I didn't feel absolutely exhausted today. Hopefully this means I'm finally on the mend.

Yesterday, I actually ate meals, too. That probably helped. I barely ate anything when I was sick. What's the point of eating when you can't taste anything? But the sleep was key. I kinda feel like I should do it again tomorrow, but it's the first day of the NCAA tournament. The first game starts at 11:10. I have to be home from the gym by then. Ugh. That means I have to get my ass up and get going.

Getting up and getting my shit together (which I don't think I ever have managed to do on the opening days of the tournament) is a small price to pay for four entire days of basketball. There is something riding on this, too: I want to win another Jesus statue! There's some weird link thing going on here. I link to the IDYFT post, which links back here, which links back there. How totally meta.

I don't expect to win this year, though. I should hope for second or third place, since I have the statue already and try with renewed fervor for the Football-playing Jesus in the fall. You may notice that I called Big Blue Monkey out in the comments of that post for failing to get me my prize for third place in the NFL Pick 'Em contest. He remedied that today. He was much more prompt this time. I only had to wait about half the time I waited to get my Jesus statue. Such a delightful young man, he is.