05 March 2008


Last year, I decided to cut down on the amount of beer I drank as part of my plan to be a healthier Jess. It's not like I cut down on my drinking, though. I just replaced beer with red wine. Did you know that shit's good for you? It's like heart healthy and full of antioxidants and whatnot. And I figure, if one glass is good, a whole bottle must be awesome. Right?


And I've added other stuff to my drinking repertoire -- bourbon, whiskey, dirty gin martinis, Bloody Marys, Manhattans, Old Fahioneds (I've got a thing for retro cocktails) and so on. So, honestly, it's not like I was lost without beer. Sure, it was hard at first to get used to drinking liquor. With beer, I always knew how much I could drink. With liquor, though? Well, it took me a while to get used to drinking whiskey or bourbon all night.

Oh, I'd maybe switch to beer after drinking liquor all day. Plus, I went to a couple of beer festivals last year. It's not like I'm not going to drink beer at those. And sometimes there is just nothing that can compare to a cold beer on a hot day. But for the most part, I barely drank it.

It's now gotten to the point where the idea of drinking beer doesn't even cross my mind. A friend sent me a bunch of New England microbrews around Christmas and I haven't had a single one of them. I forget they're even in there.

Last night, I was at my sister's having dinner with her and my nephew and my brother. I decided to have a beer with dinner because, why the hell not? Holy shit. I could barely finish that one Bell's Pale Ale. My brother didn't like it and there was no way on this good Earth that I could have finished the half that remained. I was so fucking full and God help me, I just didn't want to drink any more beer.

I never thought it would go this far. I kinda feel like less of a person.


Muffy Willowbrook said...

I think it's hard to eat and drink beer. That's why if I'm making dinner or eating out, I'll have a cocktail or wine. Otherwise if I'm out to drink BEER, no eating will be done. Unless its drunk bar food at 2AM. Then it's all about hangover avoidance.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Muffy..

I'm Frank said...

I don't know if this makes me any less of a guy, but I kinda ruined beer for myself in high school. I went over to friends' houses pretty much every night and every day I was in a perpetual hangover. It's a few years later now, and while I still drink, having more than 2 or 3 in one sitting just makes me feel sick.

Jess said...

I totally used to be able to eat and drink beer. No longer, though. I doubt I could even just drink a bunch of beer at all, unless it's crappy light beer. I probably could still do that.

Bethando said...

I can still eat and drink beer... and eat and then drink some more beer. And I'm thinking I need to jump on the band wagon because nothing packs on the gut and the saddle bags like a glass of cold, refreshing brew. I hate you beer.