10 March 2008

Didn't even have to unpack.

When I was showering on Friday before my trip to Chicago, I dropped my shaving gel on the tub faucet and it broke off. What a fucking disaster. Thankfully, I was done with my hair and everything -- save for rinsing my conditioner out. I did that in the spray coming out from where the faucet used to be. Awesome. And I only managed to get one leg shaved. Sexy!

The maintenance guy was able to get the shower portion up and running -- and running well. I had no idea such water pressure existed at my place! However, the faucet still needed to be fixed and that is being done today. Now, I'd figured that I'd just shower at the gym after yoga and that would work out just fine. But then I realized that if there are dudes working in my bathroom that a) there would be dudes in my bathroom and b) the water would likely be shut off, both making it very difficult to pee. And I have the tiny Irish bladder, so I have to pee fairly often.

So, I'm at the farm today. Lord knows I need more family time. At least I got one night in my own bed before taking off again. And I'll only be here tonight. Actually, I doubt I'll see the 'rents much at all. They're not around right now and they're going to visit The Nun tonight before going to watch the high school boys' basketball team in the section playoffs. I could go with them, and I would love to have dinner with The Nun. But I do not want to go to the game. It's a moot point anyway, because I've got a cold and I don't need to be bringing my germs to The Nun and her 94-year-old immune system.

I'll have the house to myself tonight. I'm doing my laundry for free. I'm re-importing all of my dad's music that I lost in my system restore last month. I'll be sitting in my mom's massage chair watching college hoops tonight with the dog. I suppose things could be worse than spending one more night away from home, huh? But I swear, when I get home after getting my hair did tomorrow; I'm holing up there for as long as possible.

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