16 March 2008


There's a feeling in the air around me. It's been building for several days now. I feel like ... something is going to happen -- something good. Maybe. At least nothing bad. I know that feeling of impending doom entirely too well. This feeling is pretty much the opposite. Granted, that feeling of anxiety and impending doom is usually nothing but my hormones being out of whack when I start a new pack of birth control pills. I highly doubt this feeling of positivity is due to anything hormonal.

And I don't know what is going to happen. Maybe I'll finally break through in one of these interviews and get a job soon? Apparently, I was impressive on Wednesday. The agency wants me to create a new writing sample for them. They're even going to pay me a nominal fee to do it. I've never heard of such a thing and I would totally do this for free. But hey, if they want to toss a little cash my way, who am I to object?

The Boy I Currently Like has surprised me a few times in the last month or so. It's never anything big; just a little something here or there that catches me completely off guard. In a good way.

Really, though? It's probably all this extra sunlight and warmer temperatures joining forces to make me feel good. Or at the very least, the weather is giving everything else a lovely glow and warming the cold, black recesses of my heart. Whatever works, right?


Bethando said...

Well, I hope so. Positive thoughts your way. Did you get your faucet yet?

I'm Frank said...

I spend so much time in bitter, resentful moods that on the rare occasions that I do feel happy, I usually don't question it. Instead I just suffer through it and rest assured that in no time I'll go back to being bitter and resentful.

Jess said...

No faucet, yet. But I don't use it anyway. I'm just hoping they give me some notice before they come in to finish the job.

Frank, I'm more amazed that I'm not horribly bitter and resentful when I'm unemployed. It's so confusing!

JP said...

I don't care what it is (sun, warm) anything will do that can lift your spirits.