24 February 2008


I got my Wii today. Hoo-fucking-ray. I owe JP and Mrs. Dirk a huge thank you for tracking them down and helping me get one. Mrs. Dirk and I arrived at my usual Target at 7:54 to join a line of about 18 people or so. Some of them had apparently been there a while. No mad rush or anything, but they could have been better organized.

Still, we were at the Uptown for breakfast before 8:30. And Mrs. Dirk had to get bedding after we got the Wii. Speaking of breakfast, we had de-fucking-licious bacon at the Uptown. Did you know they couldn't sell liquor before 10:00? It's probably just as well. I'd need a nap if I'd had a Bloody Mary or two at 8:30. I'm probably going to need a nap anyway.

Setting up the Wii was a breeze. I recreated the Mii I made at Mrs. Dirk and Comic Book Guy's party on New Year's Eve. She's all by her lonesome at the moment, but I set her up to travel, so hopefully I'll get some other Miis hanging out soon. I've got my second controller all synced up and ready for when The Boy I Currently Like comes over later. I'm not going to have nearly enough time to get much practice in before he gets here, that clever bastard.

I still need to take a shower and clean up a bit in this joint so we have room to play the sports games, so I'll check you fuckers later! This is shaping up to be a pretty fucking awesome day.


crushthemall said...

soon as I figure out how to make you my wii friend, I'll do it.

Welcome to the Wiivolution.

Muffy Willowbrook said...

Have a Wii Virgin party so I can play without being judged, k?

Jess said...

The prospect of having a Wii friend is positively dizzying!

Muffy, nearly everyone I know is a Wii virgin. Besides, I'd never judge! I'm thinking Leap Day Wii Party at the moment ... details to come.

StoopidNoodle said...

One of the coolest things about chicks-with-Wiis is that their boyfriends can now brag to their friends, "X, the girl I'm dating, is Wiiliscious." That boasting right is worth some mad currency amongst the guys, often one free round of drinks.

Anonymous said...

welcome to WII world.. its so much fun. I'm glad I could help you out.

Jess said...

I quite like the idea of being Wiilicious.

JP, we got my Guitar Hero up and running! Also, you rule so fucking hard. Thank you.

Also, also: The Boy did not kick my ass in everything. I schooled him in bowling and we tied in baseball. Girl power!

crushthemall said...

7188 5865 3423 1838

Apparently that's my Wii friend code number. Soon as you figure out how to add me, do it!

Good luck!

Jess said...

Sweet! I have a project now for when I finish up with my daily job search.