11 February 2008

Unemployment is good for my hair.

It's probably due to the fact that I can take my time getting ready and I don't have to rush out the door in cold weather with hair that is about 60 percent dry at best, but hot damn my hair has been looking good.

The Boy I Currently Like even said my hair looked good yesterday (before it got all messy). Or pretty or something. I think he was just saying it because I'd mentioned my conundrum the night before about whether or not to shower at my aunt and uncle's place or home, as my hair had been looking oddly good while I'd been staying there. Usually, it looks weird and gross -- I figured it was their water. Still, it was terribly nice of him to say it.

It's so fucking long, though. And I'm not due for a cut for at least a month. That could change, depending on my employment situation (I got a call today about another interview ... have to call back tomorrow). However, if I have to change my appointment (again), I'll probably have to push it back. I can only imagine the wildness that would create.

As much as I've had the odd attack of boredom in my nearly two weeks of being jobless, it's been nice to have time to get ready, to have time to get my laundry done, to have time to make myself a nice dinner (salmon and oven-roasted sweet potatoes tonight) ... I suppose I should relish these moments while I can. But I honestly hope they don't last too long.

I don't do well without structure. I need to have my time occupied. I hated working and being in school or working two jobs, but I really learned to use my time well. Fortunately, I've had a good bit of stuff to do these first couple of weeks and I've got this week and part of next scheduled pretty fully. After that, though? It gets a little scary. I need to find a volunteer position or something. It's that or alcoholism. And honestly, I'm already a fucking lush. So moving on to alcoholism wouldn't be much of a challenge.


Anonymous said...

You really have lots of time on your hands to talk about hair :)

I only talk about hair when its really bad (which lately has been a lot).

Good luck on the new interview.

Jess said...

I also don't have shit else to talk about! It's the perfect storm of shitty blogging. Whooo!

Muffy Willowbrook said...

Good Luck on the interview, Jess. Let's hope it can fund you a new Wii!

Jess said...

Thanks very much! It's not until next week, but I'm quite excited to have another one already.

Anonymous said...

hmmm. Obsessive organizer Star Wars nerd on her hands. i think I have a great Birthday present idea.

Jess said...

Is it a Star Wars Trapper Keeper? *crosses fingers*

Oh, wait! I get it. You're angling for a birthday present of your own. Well played, sir. Well played.