20 February 2008

Shit in the news.

And I do mean shit. Well, for this first item, anyway: Governor Pawlenty imposes hiring freeze. Awesome! Let me tell you, this is news to my unemployed ears. I'd already applied for a handful of state jobs in the last week or two and had another I was going to be working on today. Guess I won't be hearing from any of them now. It's not like research analysts are critical positions or anything.

I should be thankful, though, that I've been getting a pretty good response from other sources. Still, the state imposing a hiring freeze probably just makes me compete against more people for fewer open jobs. It's just frustrating, you know?

Now onto other matters. I came across a couple of interesting items on Jezebel yesterday. The first was this bit about women in the Ivory Coast worrying that they are lacking in the booty department. Stupid dance crazes making women think they have inferior asses. I don't know how inferior you have to feel to get black market booty injections to increase trunk junkage. Apparently pretty damn inferior.

I've got my own inferior ass feelings. It seems that the more weight I lose, the more my white girl ass comes back. Apparently, that's just the way my body is. I've got plenty of rack, but I'm doomed to have an ass that doesn't quite match. Such is life. I don't need to get any injections or butt implants. I'll deal with my ass as best I can. Besides, if you read the rest of the Jezebel piece, you'll see the women of the Ivory Coast face much bigger issues than small booties.

The other Jezebel item is about the way men and women respond to music. It would seem that men respond intellectually to music, while women respond in an emotional manner.

This theory makes sense to me. People seem to think I know a lot about music. The Boy I Currently Like Knows a lot about music. And we've acknowledged that in each other. But I can tell we approach it in totally different manners. I've listened to him talk about music, and I'm amazed at how he knows all these little tidbits about songs or artists or whatever. Granted, I know some of that stuff, but not nearly as much. I could never write about music because I really do have a hard time expressing myself in an intellectual way about it. I can't explain what a band sounds like, save to say "It sounds like Band X and Band Y fell in love, got married and had a baby. And that baby is Band Z."

When I describe music I like, I find myself describing how it makes me feel or what it is like to see them live, or how this particular CD fits the way the weather is making me feel, or what time in my life that album represents. Even when I talk about music I don't like, my response is emotional. I'm offended by bad music. I think Creed sucked because that douchestick Scott Stapp was completely insincere (among many, many other reasons, of course). It upset me that Coldplay started trying to be something they aren't -- a huge arena band; a third-rate U2. All of this is emotional. And I'm okay with that. Music is a completely emotional thing for me. I wouldn't have it any other way.


Muffy Willowbrook said...

A Hiring Freeze?! PHUCK!

Jess said...

That was pretty much my reaction, too.