21 February 2008

More Girl-Blogger Blind Dating!

My quasi-blind date with Muffy and JP a couple of weeks ago went so well that we're doing it again tomorrow. See, Muffy and I both recently celebrated birthdays and we didn't get to do any drinking together. As I'm sure you're aware, that just ain't right.

This time, though, there will be other bloggers there -- Keri Oke and Mindy, for sure. I've heard Muffy's Bestie and Jen might be there, too. You may remember that I met them on the Ugly Christmas Sweater Pub Crawl. Who else? I have no idea. But the more the merrier is my motto, I guess.

I've had a shitty week, so I'm really looking forward to some quality drinking time with newish friends (Muffy and JP know so much shit about me already it feels weird calling them "new" friends) and people who will also hopefully enter the "new friends" realm.

We're going to Figlio for their $2 Happy Hour. I can't even remember the last time I was at Figlio. When I lived just up the street a couple of years ago, I went there all the time. But then they stopped doing the late-night Happy Hour on weekends. There were also some bad experiences with the wait staff -- including the time our server insisted that the wee curly hair on my fries was "an herb." Sister, I know a hair when I see it.

I think enough time has passed since my unfortunate seasoning incident. Really, I'll go anywhere these ladies want to go and dammit, a girl can only resist $2 glasses of wine for so long, you know?


Brian in Mpls said...

What time? I can be there three to five then I have a drinking date in Bloomington..

Jess said...

I think the official start time is 4:00, which is when Happy Hour starts.

I was going to go early, though, to get us a good spot.

Muffy Willowbrook said...

Jess - I'll probably be there a little before 4, too. Just to keep up my record of being too damn early to a party.

See you tonight!