10 February 2008

It feels like it's been a while.

But really, I've only gone like, two days without writing. I was staying with my cousin over the weekend and my computer shit the bed, so I didn't manage to get any blogging done.

I was in a panic most of the weekend because it seemed that I would have to get a new computer. And let me tell you, that's exactly what a recently unemployed girl needs. I'd picked one out already. But it seemed like maybe I could fix the problem, if only temporarily. I talked to Dell about getting my operating system CDs sent to me (I don't need them, my ass). They said it would be three or four days, but I called Friday and they were here when I got home this morning.

Yay! I was saved. Get my shit up and running and then go get a new hard drive. But alas, I had to do a system restore. I lost everything on my computer. Pretty much all of my data was backed up. I lost my pictures, but I have the good ones posted on my Flickr account. What really hurts is that I lost all of my music. Granted, I have a lot of it on CD, but there is a lot of stuff I downloaded from a variety of sources that I can't replace easily.

But you know what? I don't have to buy a new computer. And I have a project now! I have to reload all of my CDs to my computer. This will take up several nights. Plus, I need to get all of my bookmarks set up again and just get things looking the way I want. It's going to take some time. Check it out -- I'm looking on the bright side! That feels good.

Today was actually pretty much an all-around good day, despite the fact that it is butt-ass cold. I finally got to play Guitar Hero with The Boy I Currently Like. We were playing together, so it's not like I could actually watch him, but fuck. He is good. And he's terribly sweet -- he didn't mock me once for sucking muchly in comparison to him. Okay, he did a little. He said I was a baby for playing on "Easy" when it was clearly too easy for me. (I'd played yesterday at my sister's for about an hour and got bored on "Easy." In my defense, both yesterday and today I was playing a version of Guitar Hero I'd never before played.) But honestly, how can I even play on "Medium" when he's fucking ripping away on "Expert?"

I told him finally about the blog nickname I'd had in the back of my head since I started considering writing about him. I've toyed with the idea of calling him "Guitar Hero" forever. But I just didn't think that I could call him that without actually seeing him play. Now that I have, I can say that he is my Guitar Hero hero. Though, I tried to give him a new nickname a few months ago and it didn't stick. So, I'm wondering if I should even bother.

So, after a few days of freaking out, today has been pretty great. And! I'm home. I get to sleep in my own bed and I've got my computer working, so I can keep going with my unemployment schedule. Despite the fact that I'm not really going anywhere most days, I'm still putting on makeup when I get home and shower after my late-morning workout. I do have reasons for this -- I don't want to get into a rut of always looking like ass simply because I don't have to go to the office (not that I looked great when I was going to work every day ...). What if I get a call for an impromptu Happy Hour? I have to be ready to head out the door. Plus, this gives me a chance to try all kinds of new eyeshadow combinations when I'm not drunk. This is helpful. Sure, I feel like I'm wasting makeup, but I think it's good in the end.

I'll be back tomorrow to wish a very happy birthday to a very special someone.


blythe said...

i say that things shit the bed all the time and no one has any idea what i'm talking about. i'm glad to know there's at least one other person who does. computers suck balls.

Jess said...

What? How do people not at least know that "shit the bed" means something has gone horribly wrong? Or that something has crapped out?

I know what you mean, Blythe.

I'm Frank said...

I spent all of last year playing guitar hero during every free moment where I wasn't asleep or at class (although sometimes I'd skip class to play). I thought I had broken my habit until guitar hero 3 rolled out this year. I'm probably going to get arthritis in my fingers by the time I'm 25.

I have never heard the phrase "to shit the bed," but I think I'll add it to my usual rotation.

Jess said...

Isn't that what college-age boys do, Frank? Play video games incessantly? And non-college-age boys, too?

I just got GH III for the Wii from some friends. It would be nice if I could now find a fucking Wii (how's that coming, JP?), so I could play it day in and day out.

Honestly. I'm shocked that people are unfamiliar with the term "shit the bed."

JP said...

I'll send you an email...
you got $250 to drop right now? I wish I did...

Jess said...

I don't really. But the fam is paying for nearly all of it for my birthday. That's the only reason I can get one.

Big Blue Monkey said...

You American Jerks! Ptoey!

"Shit the Bed" is a positively British/European expression, based on soccer. When a goalie keeps the other team from scoring, it is called a "Clean Sheet". "Shitting The Bed" is therefore the exact opposite of a Clean Sheet.

You fucking No-Nothings! You fucking Mugwumps!

I can't maintain that level of vitriol, especially at you nice people.

But this boy you currently like, Jess--ask him if he's ever finished a song on Guitar Hero perfectly on Hard or Expert. If he has, I'll have to rethink my opinion of his nerdiness.

Jess said...

I'm pretty sure he has. He's awfully good.