12 February 2008

Everything's coming up Milhouse?

This afternoon, I scheduled the interview I mentioned yesterday. It's next week. The position is with a company I've wanted to work for since at least grad school, if not before. Just finally getting an interview with them feels like a huge accomplishment to me.

As with every other day of my unemployment, I applied for three or four other jobs after I got home from the gym. About an hour after I sent them all out, I got an e-mail back from one of the organizations and I have a phone interview tomorrow! Sweet! Things seem to be looking ... okay, I guess, for the moment.

I was supposed to be blogging from my brand-spanking-new Minneapolis citywide Wi-Fi interwebs connection. But God forbid anything work easily for me. I couldn't get things working as easily as the instructions (three whole steps) would have led me to believe.

Now, granted, I knew there was a good chance I'd have problems. Apparently, living in a stucco house is a problem. However, this problem can allegedly be mitigated by placing the modem in the window. And I had a signal and all that, but it didn't look like my computer was connecting to the modem. So, I called tech support and the woman I talked to said to unplug the modem, wait a minute and try again.

Yeah, so I tried that (five times) and ended up calling tech support again. I was on the phone with Jay for an hour. There are three ... um, antennas? very near me and the signals overlap, so I should have been able to get a signal. But my computer was trying to get the signal that wasn't closest to my place. After moving the modem and everything else from my living room to my kitchen and then back to my living room again, it seemed nothing would work. Jay was off, but he said he'd call back in a half hour or so to see if anything changed.

I put the modem on top of a dead plant and lo! It worked! But for whatever stupid reason, I decided to go back to my wireless cable connection tonight and then everything shit the bed. BAH. (Jay did eventually call back, but like, an hour and a half later.) My wireless with Comcast wouldn't work and now my stupid modem isn't recognizing my computer again. Obviously, I'm hooked back up to something, as I'm blogging.

You know, I just want to save some money with the Minneapolis Wi-Fi. Is that so wrong? Can't I just break some of the shackles in which Comcast is keeping me? BASTARDS! Maybe I'll see if I can figure things out tomorrow. I did start drinking about five minutes into my tech support call with Jay.

So, um ... jury is still out on the Minneapolis Wi-Fi, I guess.


Anonymous said...

Good luck on your interviews!

Anonymous said...

I also want to dump comcast the money sucking jerks! but I'm afraid the MPLS one is going to also suck.. and its life or death that I get an internet connection.

Good luck

Jess said...

Thanks, y'all.

I'm hoping the Wi-Fi works well enough that I can dump Comcast. I'm going to give it a month to make my decision.

cjschuette said...

I stumbled upon your blog via Technorati. Refreshingly angry. Very cool. Good luck with the InterWebs.

Jess said...

Refreshingly angry? I think you've just made my day! I am absolutely not being sarcastic, by the way.

Also, your dogs are gorgeous.