01 February 2008

Blind date.

City Wendy wrote a couple of days ago about a different kind of blind dating -- meeting fellow bloggers in person for the first time. It's funny that she should write about it this week, because I'm doing the same thing today.

I'm meeting Muffy Willowbrook and JP at The Imperial Room this afternoon for Happy Hour. It's only a quasi-blind date, as Muffy and I met a little over a month ago on the Ugly Christmas Sweater pub crawl.

Before I entered the blogosphere, I had a pretty good track record with meeting people in real life after meeting them on the Interwebs. The World's Worst Wing Woman and I met on the Naturallycurly.com message boards. I have several good friends I met on the Coldplay message board. Then there are the friends I've met on a couple of fantasy football message boards.

And now that I'm pretty entrenched in the blogosphere, it makes perfect sense for me to start making real-life friends with the people I'm coming to consider my friends just because I feel like I know them after reading about their lives on a nearly daily basis. I've gone to a Mnspeak Happy Hour and the Overheard in Minneapolis birthday party. Shit, The Boy I Currently Like and I met through the blogosphere.

So, here's to blind dates and making new friends.


Muffy Willowbrook said...

See you tonight -can't wait!

JP said...

I guess for anyone else who is reading this post, they could totally join us! :)
See you later.

Brian in Mpls said...

I totally would come but at this point it just feels like tresspassing. If you all do it again though count me in...

Jess said...

I'm excited. I really need this.

It's kinda hard to trespass in a bar, Brian. But I certainly hope we'll be doing it again in the very near future.