02 February 2008

Blind date -- The Review.

I had a ridiculously great time with Muffy and JP last night. Holy shit. These ladies are whip smart, incredibly generous and terribly funny. And they are very, very good drinkers. Which I hold as a very important quality in my friends and loved ones.

Unfortunately, I was an asshole and on the phone when JP left, so I didn't get to say goodbye before she left to go to the Wolves game. Muffy and I hung out at The Imperial Room a bit longer. I mean, shit. It was still Happy Hour.

I hope they had as great a time as I did, because I can't fucking wait to do this again.


JP said...

no worries! I just all of a sudden realized it needed to get to the game!! LIKE right this very minute.

I'm sure I will see you again!

Jess said...

Oh, we damn well better see each other again.

Still, I was a bit of an ass to go and take a call for so long.