13 February 2008

Am I looking for a job or dating?

God, I hate how interviewing for a job feels like dating and how dating feels like a job search and how both feel like looking for an apartment. Every time I'm engaged in one of these activities, I end up thinking about how it is so much like all the others.

Earlier this afternoon I was doing a phone interview (which resulted in a face-to-face interview scheduled for Friday!) and had to keep mentioning this old job or that old job and what I did there. It felt like I was on a date and talking about this ex-boyfriend or that ex-boyfriend and what I did with this one and what I did with that one.

I know the situations are totally different -- it's good, and pretty much absolutely necessary, to talk about my previous work experience. On a first or second date, though? Not a good idea to talk about ex-boyfriends. Shoot, I felt a twinge of ickiness mentioning seeing a movie with an ex to The Boy I Currently Like over the weekend. Though, I think we're well past the stage where the discussion of exes is taboo. It still feels gross to me, though.

But what about the apartment hunting? You're wondering how that all fits in, aren't you? Okay, so you're probably not. Humour me. God forbid you get a return call on an apartment if you have to leave a message. Look, you can't call me back and say you rented it? Or, you've been running this ad for three months now and you still won't return my call? Fine. Fuck you. And hey, is it the most difficult thing in the world to say, "Thanks for your interest in the position, we got your shit." Or how about "Thanks for applying, but we hired someone else." Something? Anything? This is actually not been the case for my current job search -- I've gotten at least a note from most places. It's a refreshing change.

Then there's the way apartment hunting feels like dating. You look at a description of an apartment and it sounds great on paper. However, in reality? It may very well be a shithole. Or even on first glance it looks great -- hardwood floors, lots of closet space, corner unit with tons of windows. But then you go out the back door and notice that the building's dumpsters and recycling receptacles are right under the living room windows. DO NOT WANT. The same thing can happen when you're dating. The guy seems great on paper, but he's a fucking mess in real life. Or, he seems to be great on paper and your first couple of dates are pretty great. But maybe then you scratch the surface and find out he's a huge flake with a drinking problem.

Is it any wonder I hate doing all of these things? I don't intend to move out of my apartment for a long time because I hate looking for a new place as much as I hate the actual act of packing and moving. It's going to be tough for me to not jump at the very first position that's offered to me. Granted, I need a job. But it's been a natural reaction for me in past job searches when I wasn't unemployed, as well. I just want to stop going through all the posing and selling myself. And I can't tell you how glad I am about the fact that The Boy I Currently Like and I didn't do that normal first date bullshit.


Muffy Willowbrook said...

I hate it when guys turn out to be flakes and have drinking problems! EW!! Not a keeper...

Jess said...

I know, right?

Jen said...

I hear ya on the dating scene. It would have been nice to have known that the last guy I dated was as hairy as freakin chewbacca before we got busy. Next!

JP said...

I'm bad at job searches, hence why I've been with the same company 8+ years.

I'm also really bad at dating, hence why I'm 33 and single!

Buying a car can also be like dating, job and apartment hunting.

The Boy You Currently Like said...

I completely didn't mind hearing about how you saw movies with your ex.

Being called a flake with a drinking problem, I have a problem with.

I'm NOT a flake!

Jess said...

Oh, please. Do you really think I'd post anything bad about you here, when I know you'll see it? That's what bitchingabouttheboyicurrentlylike.blogspot.com is for.

(Also, I have nothing bad to say about you. I think you're pretty neat.)