01 January 2008

Wii party.

Okay, first of all, every time I've said or thought the phrase "Wii party" since Saturday, I've ended up singing Band of Horses' "Weed Party." Good thing I like Band of Horses.

I celebrated New Year's Eve at the lovely abode of The Future Mrs. Dirk and Comic Book Guy. Santa brought them a Wii. Holy fucking fun, Batman. Shit, just creating our Miis was fun. We played baseball, tennis, bowling, a shooting game, laser hockey (I think I did best at that) and a cow racing game.

I'd been considering getting a PS2 so I could play Guitar Hero, but after playing with the Wii, that's the road I'm taking. Lucky me, I've got a birthday and a tax refund coming in the next couple of months. The Future Mrs. Dirk and I were already getting stoked about the idea of playing against each other from the comfort of our own living rooms.

The night was fun otherwise. I downed a handful of Claritin before I left so Smudge the cat wouldn't reduce me to a sneezing, wheezing puddle with itchy eyes. My plan worked! Today I'm being lazy. I loves me a Law & Order marathon.

Happy New Year, y'all.


crushthemall said...

Get a Wii, and some friends. Seriously. You know it's fun. PS2? Old and dusty.

Wii is where it's at.

crushthemall said...

Um...not saying that you don't have friends. Shit. Um.

"Get a Wii, and invite your friends over."

That's what I meant to say.

I'm Wiitarded.

Jess said...

Do you think I can get the friends if I get a Wii?

crushthemall said...

I, for one, am a proponent of the Wii, and I haven't met a person who has played one who hasn't been pleased as punch with it.

Wee=more friends.

Jess said...

Well, that settles it. I want people to like me.

Brett Favre said...

Hell, Ah love havin' fun as much as th' next guy, and Ah figger that the Boy You Are Currentin' Likin' might be lured back wit' that kinda fun.

Ah Love the game! Ah'm like a Kid Out There!

Mark Chmura said...

I concur with my best friend (we have the same tattoos, you know) Brett Favre.

Also, a Wii is a great way to entice almost legal tail. If you are into that kind of thing.

Which I totally am. Allegedly.

Jess said...

GET OUT OF MY BLOG, FAVRE. You Wrangler-wearing hick! And take the Babysitter Molester with you.

(Sorry JP.)

Brett Favre said...

Ah'm confused. Ya'll insulted me, but yer apologizin' to JP.

Ah get the chance, Jess, Ah'm gonna pass aul over ya. And then Ah'll slap a referee's ass, 'cause Ah love This Game So Much!

Also, Ah have rediscovered Vicodin.

Mark Chmura said...

Vicodin is also great for getting young tail. Or so I Have Heard.

Jess said...

I'll apologize if you get me some Vicodin. My supply is running low and I really don't want to dislocate my shoulder again. And I can only sneak so much of my mom's Percoset when I make it down to the farm.

Mark Chmura said...

Bring your youngest female relative to my hot tub, and we'll see what we can do.

Jess said...

No dice, Skeevy McBadtouch. I don't want the Vicodin that badly.