17 January 2008


There was a discussion a couple of days ago on Jezebel about Underoos. God, I fucking loved those Wonder Woman Underoos. I wore the hell out of mine. There are many pictures of me and my sister wearing our Wonder Woman Underoos and my little brother in his Spider Man set.

I was so into Wonder Woman as a wee lass that it was my Halloween costume for several years. The first year it was the store-bought, plastic, highly-flammable version. But the following year, my mom made me the costume (she actually made our costumes for several years ... my second-favorite was Princess Leia). We used gold spray paint on the edge of paper plates to create the bracelets and I even had a golden lasso. We'd just remodeled the living room and the cords for the drapes were gold. Sweet, huh?

So, imagine my delight when reading through the comments on the Jezebel post and seeing a link to this. Oh. My. God. Wonder Woman Underoos for grown-ass women. AWESOME.

These will be perfect for when I get my Wii. I mean, if you're sitting around the house playing video games, you should really be doing it in your underwear, right? And I didn't really think that my corset bra and mesh boy shorts from Frederick's would feel quite right in that situation.

This is gonna rule.


Brian in Mpls said...

def. need to be in your underoos:)

Anonymous said...

I have a WII and yes I play it in my underwear all the time! I'm sure my neighbors think I am odd... Maybe with the underoo's I wont be so odd.

Jess said...

Sweet! When I get mine we can play against each other online.