23 January 2008

A Minnesotan blogging about the weather.

How terribly fucking novel, I know. But Jesus, this cold is sapping my will to live. Or my will to leave my bed, at least.

It's tough getting out of bed when I have a bitterly cold walk and wait for the bus facing me. I need someone to drag my ass out of bed in the mornings. I'm tired of my feet being so cold my toes hurt. I'm tired of wearing a hat that's too tight. The fogged-up glasses. The layers and layers of clothes that leave me feeling like the Sta-Puft Marshmallow Man. Dry hands and chapped lips. My breath freezing in my hair or scarf. And it's so fucking dirty everywhere.

Of course, I had no problem getting up and going to yoga on Saturday morning when it was -13 with a windchill of ... I don't remember. Like -30? It was fucking cold. But I think I told everyone I talked to on Saturday that it really didn't seem all that bad outside. Funny how my attitude changes on the weekend and I'm making the choice to head out into the cold instead of being forced to do it.

It doesn't really help that this is the worst month of the year. In fact, the most depressing day of the year was on Monday. Sure, it's bullshit junk science. I mean, as far as I'm concerned, pretty much every day in January is the most depressing day of the year. There's really no need to pick just one. And it doesn't help that I'm stressed about my job, I'm broke and I'm still bitter about not being able to take time off after Christmas.

Help is on the way, though. It's going to warm up on Friday and into the weekend -- 25 will probably feel like 50 after the past several days. And February is just around the corner! My tax refund is on the way. This means I can buy my Wii! I mean, if I can find one. I get to go to Happy Hour with Muffy and JP next week. Just a week and a half until the Super Bowl. I'm trying to hoard my vacation days, but I can spare one for the day after the Super Bowl. Or at the very least I could work from home. Before I know it, my birthday will be here and things will be on the upswing all the way through toward Spring.

I just have to hold on for a little longer. I could use a hug, though. And booze. Lots of booze.


Muffy Willowbrook said...

hee hee - you are rubbing it in, aren't you? Atta girl!

Here's a CYBER HUG. Hope it cheers you up!

Anonymous said...

I can help you get that WII... How do you think I got mine??? that should make you happy!

Jess said...

Whatever could I possibly be rubbing in, Muffy? I do very much appreciate the cyber hug. With yoga and wine tonight, it should be enough to get me through. Thanks!

JP -- Yay! I can always use a helpful contact. My bullseye-employed friend is out of town at the moment and I still need to e-mail my friend at Best Buy. Between y'all, I should be able to fine one somewhere. Wheeeeeee!

blythe said...

yeah, everytime i bitch about the weather here (i had to scrape ice off my car this morning for the third time since november), i remember the people of the north and tell myself to shut up. hang in there (imagine cat poster).

Jess said...

There's nothing else to imagine but the cat poster when someone says "Hang in there." Hmmm ... I'm not entirely sure what to think about that.

You guys did have that horrendous ice storm. That's truly worth bitching about.

Jerious Norwood said...

Tell me about. Its gotten down to 30 degrees here in the ATL (as the kids like to say). Now its hovering in the 40s. I hate January too.

Jess said...

You poor thing, Jerious. However do you cope?

Also, I thought all the cool kids called it Hotlanta.

Sheletta said...

I'm right there with you. I live in St Paul and I haven't left the house since last Monday! It's been seven full days. I'm listed as "black" on my driver license but the lack fo sun has made me "pale"!

Just hold on--don't jump off the bridge--we only have three to four more months of sub zero temps before the big thaw!


Frank said...

I'm down in Chicago, but it's still been amazingly cold down here. This morning it was -6 with a windchill of -33 which led me to e-mail my professors and call work to inform them that there was no way in hell I was leaving my apartment.

Then it was all junk food and sci-fi movies for the rest of the day.

Jess said...

Sheletta, I am easy to please. I'll be thrilled with the 30ish degrees we're getting this weekend.

And I like the way you think, Frank. Nice work.

Anonymous said...

By Sci-Fi movies, did Frank mean DVD's of MST3K?

Because then I'm with him as well.