10 January 2008

I hate you, Comcast.

And you too, Big Ten Network. I may have mentioned this once or twice this fall, but honestly, the Gopher football team sucked major ass and it didn't matter all that much to me that I couldn't see any games. Well, it stopped mattering once it became evident just how craptacular they were going to be.

However, now that the Gophers have reached the Big Ten portion of their basketball schedule, I think my hatred of Comcast and the Big Ten Network deserves another mention. I was so stoked when the Gophers hired Tubby Smith (shocked as hell, too). As bad as they were last year, I still watched games (just like I'm watching the Wolves now and watched them for many years when they were the suck in the past). So, you can imagine that I might actually look forward to this year; I wanted to see what Tubby was going to do with the team.

Comcast and the Big Ten Network are making sure I don't see what Tubby's doing with the team, though. Anyone who cares knows the deal -- BTN wants the channel included with the regular cable channels (but only in Big Ten markets, I believe) and Comcast wants to put it on a pay tier. At this point, I don't fucking care which happens. I pay for a buttload of channels already that I never watch and for which I have no use. We all do. I also pay extra for the sports package because I wanted the NFL Network. Clearly, I'm willing to pay a few extra dollars a month to get my fix of Golden Gopher basketball.

I've seen exactly one Gopher basketball game this season and of course, it was one of their few losses. I may get to see as many as six games during the regular season. Oooh, six whole games? Thanks a-fucking-lot, assholes. I miss the days of the student season tickets.

So, just to sum up: I fucking hate you Comcast and Big Ten Network.


Brian in Mpls said...

I had to go to direct tv for this very reason.

Although I tend to watch most of the games at Tailgate anyways

Jon DeJong said...

Agreed. I don't care how, but I want my BTN. But I hate the BTN as I place blame for this squarely on them. I'm don't really care about Gopher sports so much, but I'm a huge Iowa fan. Iowa, being terrible, is never on ESPN or CBS or any other Comcastic channel. Last year at this time I lived in Omaha, and all of Iowa's games where carried at worst by ESPN Plus. Cox Cable replicated that feed onto one of it's own channels. I've becom used to watching every single game. This year, I've seen the last 5 minutes of one game, and I walked from bar to bar downtown to find that one.

Alas, I can't switch to Direct TV, as my condo association has a deal in place with Comcast. So I'm stuck.

Along these lines, I've notice that there's not much downtown for a good sports bar. Lots of night clubs. No great places to just go catch a game. Unless I'm missing something, I am relatively new to the area, after all.

Jess said...

I might be inclined to place more blame on BTN in this situation, too. Cable companies are inherently evil, so what Comcast is doing comes as no surprise.

You're right about the lack of sports bars downtown. I nearly said, "Well, there's Old Chicago," where I'm pretty sure I've gone with my Iowa fan friends to see games. But the downtown Old Chicago is gone. There really isn't anywhere downtown I would go to watch a game.

The Loon or Rosen's/The District might not be a terrible choice. It seems like there are TVs everywhere you go, but no really good places to go and watch a game unless you're out in the 'burbs. And then who is going to drive my drunk ass home? Huh?

JP said...

Bad news... Old Chicago is closed and has been for a few months.
But there is still a few others like Champps, The Loop, Matty B's..
Just remember to leave the Loop before 11PM as it turns into one of those 'clubs' (ick!)

Jess said...

Oh, duh. I forgot about Champps. I kept thinking, "There's a place that is like Old Chicago, that's near where Old Chicago used to be," but all I could think about was Old Chicago.

Jon DeJong said...

I've never heard of Matty B's. I'll have to check it out. Champps is probably not a bad choice, it just seems so, I don't know, chainy, for lack of better word. I miss my sports bar in Omaha that was kind of dive, but it was downtown, a 2 minute walk, and I never most of the people there whenever I walked in, as were all neighbors. I went to the Loop quite a bit. It is very close to my condo. But once when we were there the bartender, in a very snotty way, told me they only got "part" of the BTN, and wouldn't show Iowa games. I said "Fine, then I just finished my last beer here." We left and haven't been back. I think we all know you don't get part of the BTN.

Frank said...

My problems with Comcast don't deal with the Big 10 network specifically, but they did have the audacity to say they wouldn't be able to come to my apartment and fix my internet/cable for 4 weeks, and then charge me $128.89 for "labor." (Labor in this context meant spending 7 minutes unplugging a cord in the wall and putting in a new one.)

Jess said...

See, shit like that is why I hate cable companies in general.