27 January 2008

How can I live without it?

No football today. I feel lost. What the fuck am I going to do with my Sunday? I've already been to the gym and SuperTarget. I do have to take a shower, but that won't take up much of my day.

There is money in my checking account for once. I could go shopping. However, I think I'd rather gnaw off my own hand than go shopping. My laundry is done and my apartment is clean. Baking is not really an option, as I don't have room in my freezer for anything and the Super Bowl party is a whole week away. The job search is out there waiting.

I don't think I usually feel this aimless on the no-football Sunday before the Super Bowl. Not sure what's going on with me. It's not like I can't find ways to entertain myself on Sunday once the Super Bowl is over. There's basketball and soon enough there'll be baseball. Maybe I'm antsy today because it's kinda sunny and nearly 40.

There's not shit on TV today, either. I'm watching Michigan and Michigan State right now, but there's only a half left. Maybe I could clear off the DVR. I've been meaning to reorganize my underwear drawer. I have a book to read ... none of those things sound very appealing, though.

Looks like drinking is my only option. I should get in the shower and make some calls, then I suppose.


Frank said...

I too felt abandoned and lonely without football. I ignored all my reading and homework and instead drove 3 blocks to Walgreen's to load up on junk food, and then I went to Taco Bell twice. I saw Michigan lose to Michigan State, so that made me angry and I spent most of the remaining afternoon in bed.

Jess said...

I was too lazy to even leave the house to go drinking. Or call anyone to go out drinking with me.

I admire your effort in going out for junk food an Taco Bell.

Jen said...

I watched a movie (Rescue Dawn, for you Christian Bale fans) and even went to the bookstore yesterday. I figure with only college basketball to keep me occupied these days, maybe I should start reading and watching movies again.

Anonymous said...

I really hate the liquor stores are closed on Sunday's.. as that means you have to be that much more prepared for Sunday's.. I can't plan that far in advance!

I spent all day Saturday drinking the $2 glasses of wine, it was sweet!

Call me next time!

Jess said...

Jen, I totally watched Batman Begins yesterday. Well, I watched part of it Saturday and then part of it yesterday until it was time to watch the Wolves.

JP, my problem was that I ended up being entirely too lazy to actually call anyone. Well, I called The Boy I Currently Like. But that wasn't to go out drinking. I ended up just drinking at home and laying on the couch.