12 January 2008

Farm bloggin'.

What a momentous day this is. I am blogging from the farm -- using my own computer, connected to the 'rents' wireless network. Fucking fancy! My mom got high-speed Internet for her birthday (finally!) and for whatever reason, the 'rents decided to get a router. I'm pretty stoked. Perhaps it's a clever ploy to get us to come home more often. Like that's going to work. Suckers!

Also, while I'm farm bloggin', I'm watching Golden Gopher Basketball! Were you aware that Trent Tucker was doing games for the Big Ten Network? Because Comcast and the BTN are assholes, I was not aware of this. So, not only are these douches depriving me of Golden Gopher Basketball, I'm also losing out on Trent Tucker. Dicks.

My mom's 60th birthday party will be starting in about three hours. I think we've finally got most of the stuff done. I made a pan of raspberry oatmeal bars this morning and when the game is over I have to make four (4!) batches of cheesy potatoes. Thankfully, the rest of the food is being made elsewhere. Then all I'll need to do is start boozing.

It'll be interesting to see how things devolve tonight. Last night there were about 10 of us here (just a couple of my dad's siblings and their families), but somehow, by 9:00 my mom and dad had busted out some old eyeglasses and everyone was posing for photos wearing these giant, thick glasses. At least we weren't measuring ears or big toes. That kind of thing usually takes a few more family members and a bit more booze.

As good a time as I had last night and as much fun as I'm sure tonight will be, I still wouldn't mind being home watching football on my own couch. At least I can do that tomorrow.

And now, I'm off to see how far away I can get the wireless signal. Wheeee!


Muffy Willowbrook said...

Happy Birthday to your mom - sounds like toe measuring is big in your family, too! Booze on, Bacon!

Jess said...

We do all kinds of weird shit when we've been drinking all day.

And I boozed plenty yesterday. Still, this wasn't even close to my most hungover drive back to Minneapolis. Yay!

Anonymous said...

So my parents are not nearly as hip as yours... as they are unable to get a wireless router. But lucky enough for me, a neighbor has it and I just tap into that.

Jess said...

I wouldn't call my parents hip. I was quite shocked when my dad told me that they'd gotten a router. The high-speed internet was a shock in itself.

Since they're still out on the farm, there are no neighbors from which to steal wireless, so this was really the only option.