25 January 2008

Burning a hole in my pocket.

I'm itching to spend some money, y'all. My state tax refund showed up in my checking account yesterday and I got paid today. Whooo! But there's so much I need and want -- where do I start?

(Incidentally, I always feel a huge amount of pressure to post something awesome the day after I've been linked on Mnspeak. Though, I guess I'd already posted yesterday's entry about the Wolves right around the time that the Mnspeak post appeared. Still, you've got a stupid entry about the Wolves and a stupid entry that's going to be about, well, shopping? I guess we'll see when I get to the end of it. Sorry!)

Actually, I already know the first things I'll be buying today. I'm going to hit MAC after work because I need a new blush. And while I'm there, I may be tempted to buy new eye shadows and lip glosses. Okay, I will be tempted and I will give in. Getting new bras and undies is always awesome (and I will be getting those soon), but nothing makes me feel like a brand-new woman they way new makeup does. I can't get too much at MAC, though. I spent some time yesterday fucking around at Sephora.com because I need some new Urban Decay eye shadows. And that'll be a pretty penny when I'm done.

The only reason I'm really going to MAC is because I'll be in the area because I need to hit Penzeys as I'm nearly out of Herbes de Provence. I just can't have that. And if I'm going to be there, I should probably get some other spices and blends I've had my eye on for a while.

If I get a bunch of new spices, though, I'm going to have a problem. I've run out of room in my two wee spice racks. Do I run out to Ikea tonight to buy another one? It seems really silly to go all the way to Ikea and go through the maze just to get a $3 spice rack. But the 'rents are coming to town tomorrow for my nephew's basketball game and they're bringing the baker's rack they gave me for Christmas, so they'll be at my place and dad could drill the holes in my wall so I could hang the spice rack. God, just typing this paragraph is making my head hurt. Fuck that shit. I'll make do for a while on the spices. Maybe I'll even have more room somewhere else in the kitchen after I get the baker's rack filled with stuff.

All of this brings me to a dilemma -- the idea of new makeup plus a little extra money (and warmer temperatures!) makes me want to abandon my hermit-like ways of the past few weeks and go out. I didn't get to have sushi Happy Hour with the Future Mrs. Dirk last week and I'm still craving sushi. I'm also hankering for a visit to Liquor Lyle's. I wonder if there are any good local rock shows this weekend ...

Oh, but the dilemma. Yes. New makeup makes me want to go out, but new spices and my hopefully newly-organized kitchen might make me want to stay home and cook. KayGee sent me a recipe a while ago for a bourbon quick bread that I've been wanting to try (note to self: bourbon supply is perilously low and whiskey supply has been decimated -- get thee to the liquor store tonight) and I've not done any baking in a while.

Maybe I'll compromise and put on a bunch of eyeliner while I make bourbon bread and get drunk. Suddenly, the possibilities of life seem endless.

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