23 December 2007

Unitard day at the gym.

I must have been a very good girl this year, because for the second Sunday in a row, Santa has given me a dude at the gym wearing a unitard. Today, the unitard-wearer was older than the guy last week. Plus, he had a gut. Awesome. Like the first unitarder, this guy wore a long-sleeve shirt underneath. This time, I was pretty thankful he did.

Santa has also brought me a shitty day for driving, so instead of feeling guilty and ending up heading to the farm later this afternoon, it will be perfectly okay for me to wait until tomorrow and hopefully better driving conditions.

I finished wrapping all my presents last night after I came home from the Christmas party (a lovely, lovely time), so I really have nothing to do today but get drunk and watch football. Well, I should probably do some laundry and maybe make a batch of pumpkin bread, but Jesus, I have all day. A little respite between all the family stuff and before the onslaught of friend time later this week through the end of the year is just what I need. Hooray!


Big Blue Monkey said...

What do I get? I heard Jesus was all for me getting good stuff.

Jess said...

I'm not telling!