29 December 2007

Too much eyeliner.

I need an occasion to wear too much eyeliner. I don't go out to clubs any more. I won't be going to a show until probably February. Those are both good times to wear too much eyeliner.

I know it's not everyone's cup of tea, but I quite like that whorey, raccoon-eyed look from time to time. We're talking well past just a smokey eye, here. It's a smokey eye with lots of black eyeliner, preferably smudged.

Maybe I'll do it just for the fuck of it on New Year's Eve. I mean, if I can't wear too much eyeliner on New Year's Eve, regardless of what I'm doing, when can I wear too much eyeliner? Okay, I've worn too much eyeliner just around the house. However, I do that when I'm working on a new look or trying to see how colors or techniques work on me. Probably not the best idea, but I often do this while drinking. When I got my new black liquid eyeliner I had to test the cat eye. Not the Amy Winehouse-esque cat eye, mind you. I do it a bit more subtly. Maybe I should try out the wild version, though.

I'd put on a shitload of black eyeliner today for the pub crawl, but honestly, after eight hours or so of drinking it could very well end up being a mess. Guess I'll have to find some other occasion for which to get whored up.


that guy you like, maybe said...

You had me at whored up.

Jess said...

Does this mean I can wear too much eyeliner the next time I see you?

Anonymous said...

awe, just wear it to work!! I mean who doesn't love the whore look at work?

Jess said...

I so rarely see anyone when I'm at work, it probably would be fine for me to do. And it's most likely much less sad than wearing too much eyeliner at home.

As it turns out, someone found the blog this morning by Googling "sluts with black eyeliner." Yay me!

Anonymous said...

oh that made me laugh.. nice!