10 December 2007

Still hacking.

Gah. This cough will not go away. Actually, it is getting better and I think if I'd not spent most of yesterday at The Boy I Currently Like's place with him smoking, I might be in a little better shape. But I'll trade an extra day or two of coughing for that.

Whether it's because he feels better about getting his shit together or if the filthy e-mails finally got the better of him doesn't matter to me. I just wanted to see him.

I like to think my philosophy of making time to have some fun regardless of how busy you are rubs off on the people around me. College Roommate couldn't understand how I could completely blow off school on Fridays and Saturdays to go out and have fun. I eventually convinced her that this is what keeps one sane. Shit, I even managed to have a social life when I was working a full-time job, a part-time job and attending grad school. I don't remember a whole lot from those days, but I graduated and I'm not completely nuts, so it all worked out. Right?

Anyway, it was a lovely time hanging out with The Boy yesterday. We watched football, got pizza and did ... stuff. Bless his heart, that apartment of his is a state. I'm not going to worry much about the perceived messy state of my apartment the next time he comes over. Okay, that's a lie. I will. I'll just worry less. I'm always on guard against those damn dust bunnies, lest they achieve sentience and stage some sort of takeover.

The Bob Saget Football club went down in flames yesterday. This will be my worst finish ever -- the top six. I don't know if we play the fifth-sixth place game or not. I should probably check on these things. But there's no money involved, so what does it matter? Even though I lost in the first round of the playoffs, I should come close to breaking even with winning the division and my two high-point weeks. Stupid injuries fucked me over. At least now I can watch football and be less annoying about my fantasy players. I know that's good for everyone.


Brian in Mpls said...

Mucenx D (sp) It worked wonders for my cough

Jess said...

I really should have used that a while ago. The crap in my lungs is loosened now and it's just a matter of it all coming out.

Sometimes I'm so dumb.