05 December 2007

Rat's nest.

Blah. Stupid winter clothes are murder on my hair. Well, mostly just on the underneath layer in the back. Like many girls with curls, my hair is all over the place. Some parts are curlier than others, some days are curlier than others and all that. However, my bottom-most layer (the one always touching my neck/shoulders/back) is way less curly than the rest of my hair.

This near-straightness combined with scarves, sweaters, hoodies, blazers and winter coats all come together to make me spend an extra five or 10 (Christ, some days I swear it's 20) minutes in the shower, painstakingly pulling single strands of hair out of these knots. It's the only way to get rid of them. Sometimes they're not bad and come out when I just run my fingers through my hair. But God forbid I wear my hair down for longer than the work day. That's when the really bad ones appear.

Sometimes it makes me crazy, y'all.

So, I had to start getting up a little earlier to make sure I could catch my bus, which is still coming five minutes early pretty much every day. Then I had to add extra shower time for desnarlization of my hair.

Now that it's snowed, I need a couple of extra minutes to navigate snowbanks and the sidewalk of that fucking asshole house behind Pizza Luce who refuses to shovel their goddamn sidewalk. God, I hate those people.

How am I supposed to wear my new boots if I have to walk through that bumpy, slippery mess? It's not like I work at home every day and can wear them around the house. Though, I did that yesterday. I had to make sure they looked good with a skirt. And they did. Color me shocked to see that when I hiked the skirt up a bit, it sure looked like I could even wear the boots with shorter skirts. Thank you, gym! Now I need to buy some more skirts.


Brian in Mpls said...

I have taken another approach and just started looking like a vagrant at work it is actually kind of nice people don't bug me as much any more

Muffy Willowbrook said...

Congrats on the sexy legs with tall boots! I'm still wearing knee length skirts to cover up the hail damage on my thighs...

Work it!

Jess said...

Well, the tights are really the integral part of the shorter skirt/tall boot combo for me. If it's bare legs, we're going knee-length or below here, too.

A vagrant, huh, Brian? It's not like I dress nicely for work or anything. I mean, yeah I'm wearing a blazer today, but over a t-shirt and jeans. And I've only just recently stopped wearing Chucks to work because my feet freeze in them. I love not having to deal with outside people. Like, ever.