26 December 2007


A few weeks ago, I got an e-mail telling me that a picture I took during The Flaming Lips show at the State Fair last fall had been short-listed for inclusion in this travel guide of the metro area.

I guess they just found it on my Flickr account. I do tend to take a ton of pictures at shows. And they're rarely any good (save for a lot of the pictures I took at the South show at the Varsity last Spring). It's hard to figure out which setting to use and honestly, I'm probably drunk and trying to hold a drink, my purse and the camera. It's no wonder my show pictures rarely turn out.

I may have taken a quick photography class in high school. I really can't remember, though. I know I did yearbook photos when I wasn't doing some other stupid high school involvement thing. Those were my only published photos.

Well, those were my only published photos until earlier this week, that is. I got an e-mail saying my photo was one of those chosen to be included. I know it's not a huge deal or anything. I mean, I'd never heard of Schmap! guides until I got the e-mail from them. And I don't get anything but credit for the photo.

Still, it feels pretty neat.


Muffy's Bestie said...

Way To Go!!!!!

Jess said...

Oh, why thank you!

I do hope you're coming to the pub crawl with Muffy on Saturday.

JP said...


Big Blue Monkey said...

I have to sign up to Flickr to see these photos? I protest.

congrats though.

Jess said...

You wouldn't have to sign in. You'd just need to know where to go to find them. And you needn't do that any longer, 'cause I changed the link.