31 December 2007

My New Year's Resolution?

To have more fun. Duh.

Man, fuck making New Year's resolutions. I fail to see why the calendar turning over should make such a huge difference in your life.

In fact, I kinda hate people who make resolutions. At least the ones who resolve to get in shape/lose weight/whatever and come to my gym and fuck everything up. Oh! Even better -- Bally is running commercials encouraging all those New Year's Resolutioners who will be making my workout hell for at least the next six weeks.

At least I got one last stress-free gym visit in this morning. Starting this week, I'll have to move my visit to the gym back an hour at least. If I try to go at the same time as usual, I'll never get a treadmill or an elliptical machine and I'll have to skip half my weights. This means I'll be getting home later and getting to bed later. When I get less sleep, it'll be that much tougher to get my ass to the gym everyday.

Fucking New Year's Resolutioners. Please quit your pathetic charade in a timely manner. You know, you probably shouldn't even start. Did you realize you're the suckers who subsidize the memberships of those of us who actually go to the gym, right? I mean, you can keep paying. I'm cool with that. But you should probably just stay home. It's cold outside and you're probably tired after work. Doesn't your couch look comfy? That's it. Give in to the TV. Nicely done.


Muffy Willowbrook said...

Couldn't agree more. From the moment I drive into the parking lot, with barely a spot left from all the "NY Newbies", to not getting MY treadmill in front of my beloved vh1, to finally being blocked from my locker that I've had for YEARS...Get out of my way, you bitches! I drag my ass here 5 times a week, where are you all then, HUH??

It's a wonder why I'm not the Peace Ambassador at my gym.

Jess said...

You obviously should be Peace Ambassador at your gym. You've got the perfect disposition for it!