03 December 2007

More testicles mean more iron.

I sound like Lunch Lady Doris. I seem to have developed a bit of a chest cold and the coughing has wreaked all kinds of havoc with my voice. It's so sexy y'all. Years of singing, cheer leading and yelling at sporting events combined with thyroid surgery has left my vocal chords quite sensitive. If only I could sound more like Kathleen Turner or someone with an equally sexy, husky voice. But no.

It's kinda funny that I sound like Lunch Lady Doris, yet I've been channeling Betty Crocker for several days. They're kind of on opposite ends of the kitchen spectrum. On Thursday, I made pumpkin bread. Saturday, I baked chocolate chip cookies and yesterday it was brownies. Help me! I can't stop baking!

Actually, I have stopped, but only because I've run out of people to give this stuff to at the moment. The 'rents have a loaf of pumpkin bread and we ate one at the party Thursday night. I gave a bunch of cookies to Sweetness at Lyle's along with his Absolutely Random Birthday Mix cd and also gave a bunch to KayGee and The Prison Librarian. The remaining loaf of pumpkin bread, the rest of the cookies and all the brownies are presently sitting in a box (wrapped with bacon tape) waiting to be taken to the post office and delivered to yet another person.

Oh, but I'll see my sister on Thursday. This means I can make banana bread. Oh, hurrah! I cannot be stopped. Unless I'm out of honey. I should check on that.

I don't know if it's the weather or all this pent-up something or other that's fueling my insatiable urge to bake, but I kinda wish it would stop. I don't have enough room in my freezer for all this stuff.

Speaking of pent-up things, I was very calm today when I called Frederick's of Hollywood because they shorted me four pairs of Vanessa mesh boy shorts. How dare they! I was so sad when I opened up all that packaging to find a single pair. I was really looking forward to getting those undies. Teases.

Also, what's the point of wearing a camisole under a low-cut sweater if the camisole is barely covering your hooters? At least I tried not to look like whore today, I guess.


Jen said...

Can I get on the waiting list for some pumpkin bread?

Jess said...

Why, certainly! It's almost Christmas, after all.