25 December 2007

Merry, merry.

Hope you all had or are having a lovely holiday. Mine was mostly painless, which is awesome.

God, I always feel so relieved to be back to my life, even if I was only away for barely more than 24 hours. Of course, with the lovely Christmas Day snow we're having, it took me two-and-a-half hours to get home (twice the normal trip). I did have to drop my sister off and pee, but that took all of five minutes.

I made it through Christmas Eve Mass and everything yesterday. I think I really impressed my mom in the kitchen. Finally! I made a horseradish, herb, garlic and salt crust for the prime rib and fuck me, y'all -- it was delicious. And my mom looooooved the cheesy potatoes I'd made for Friday night that we had leftover.

I even managed to sleep well in the tiny twin bed that has become mine when I go home. Granted, I was aided by a lack of sleep on Sunday night, a bottle of wine and a couple of Percoset. But hey -- a good night's sleep is a a good night's sleep.

Everything is unpacked. Well, my clothes and make up, anyway. My glass must be chilled by now. Guess it's martini time. Yay for working at home tomorrow! Boo for working, but I can do it in my jammies. I'll live.


Kristin said...

I don't know you, but to the Guy Jess Currently Likes, why are all your comments posted between 2:30 and 4:00am? I've been reading them over the days and for some reason the time of your posts jumps out at me. I mean, who's up at those hours except for truck drivers and first year college students cramming for finals? Oops, maybe the cat is out of the bag ... Jess, another 18 year old? Yowza, me likey....

Brian in Mpls said...

Tell me about it I think it took me like 10 hours to drive back from Madison last night...yuck.

Glad to hear you had a nice holiday:)

JP said...

OH this snow sucks! My drive was also double for only 45 miles. I was too lazy to head back yesterday so I waited till today (and it was still bad).

Possibly the Boy Jess still Currently Likes? said...

Dear Kristin:

Here I am, answering your questions right in the very time-area you described. How predictable of me. dammit.

I write when I write. Only Truck Drivers and First Year College Students are up when I am?


So are drunks, and cab drivers, and all manner of folks.

I happen to be a drunk cab driver. What's your point?

I'm up at all hours because I'm an exciting shut-in with things to say.

Why are you online and reading blogs at 7:47 pm when you should be watching Keith Olberman? Hmm? HMM? I question your time management, "kristin".

I can't cop to being 18, but I'm signficantly younger than Jess.

Wait a tic. "Another" 18 year old? Harumph, Jess, Harumph!

Then again, some woman I've never met just said "Yowza, me likey."

Which I'm taking as a compliment even though it isn't based on anything at all. I'll cram you for finals, kristin. YEAH! WOOO!

I'm 18 and a frat boy, you see. That was the point of that joke. OK, then.


Jess said...

but I'm signficantly younger than Jess.

I do totally feel like I'm robbing the cradle.

the guy that Jess still likes said...

you like it.

So would Kristin.

Jess said...


Happy Pants Funtime Oh Yeah said...

Let's be reasonable.

Jess said...

I am being reasonable.

Aren't I?