20 December 2007

Like a fart in a yoga class.

I was so distracted by Raquetball Fuckstick's antics last night after my yoga class that I very nearly forgot a most momentous occasion -- someone farted in yoga last night.

I've been waiting for that day for so long and it was ruined by my being in a horrible mood at the start of class and then my restored mood being ruined at the end. Granted, there have probably been many farts in my yoga classes and I just haven't heard them.

However, I have enough distance from the crappy goings-on of yesterday that I can now enjoy that fart properly. There were a couple of older guys (like, my dad's age or older) in class last night. They were in the middle in the back row, just a couple of mats down from me. We had just moved from a forward fold to a squat when it happened. I know it escaped from one of those old asses, I just don't know which one.

I'm going to make it a point to arrive late so I have to take a place in the back row near the oldsters. I am determined to get all the enjoyment I can out of farts during yoga class. They're way funnier and far less disturbing than many of the other noises I hear from my classmates. Honestly, if that pose is causing you to sound like you're suffering an agonizing death, you should probably stop doing it. Just a suggestion!

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