16 December 2007

Gym attire.

Dear Guy at the Gym,

Your strappy unitard is going to be the highlight of my day today. I mean, what could possibly top that?

Next time though, just forgo the shirt underneath. It takes away from the inherent awesomeness of the unitard.



Unitardly Awesome said...

Thank You, Jess. But I feel my Unitard needs a layer of protection, to keep all the awesomeness from leaking out.

Jess said...

Clearly, I have much to learn about The Way of The Unitard.

Anonymous said...

And you didn't capture a picture? I'm afraid my imagination isn't doing it justice.

Jess said...

Damn. I never thought to get a picture. My phone was in my gym bag in my locker.

It looked something like this, but with a much more plunging neckline.

Jen said...

I'm picturing Borat, for some reason.