07 December 2007

Do I detect an insouciant hint of lemon zest?

Good God almighty, do I love lemon-flavored things. The tenant appreciation luncheon for our building is today and while the spread was delicious (catered by Kafe 421 *drool*), the crowning jewel sits here with me at my desk -- a lovely, sweet yet tart lemon bar.

A lemon bar, really? Yes really. Lemon bars are one of my favorite things ever in the world. I did Let's Dish last night with my sister and they had snacks -- I went in to grab a bite-sized, chocolate-something-or-other-bar (bless their hearts for keeping them tiny, so I didn't feel bad about eating an entire bar) and a woman sitting near me said, "You should try the lemon one in the back." Jesus woman! There are lemon bars in here and you're letting me waste my time on chocolate? It was a lemony-cheesecake-y thing. And sweet, merciful crap it was delicious.

Side note about Let's Dish: My sister and I rocked that shit, y'all. If I we hadn't had to wait for a station to become available, we would have put together our four split meals in about 20 minutes. I was worried at first -- I felt like an idiot because I didn't know where things were or what the fuck I was supposed to be doing. I was all, "Seriously, I do know how to cook. I SWEAR. I just don't use so damn many plastic bags and what's this fucking crock thing you keep talking about?" But I rallied and finished my first meal before my sister was done with hers. I could see it being fun if you were drinking and with a ton of friends and not in a frenzy to get home and collapse from exhaustion like we were.

Now back to the lemony goodness. In college, College Roommate and I would go to Baker's Square and get this lemon-cheesecake pie thing. The lemon part was a layer on top of the cheesecake layer. I'd eat the lemon layer and she'd eat the cheesecake and crust. We made such a great team. I scrape the meringue off lemon meringue pies and just eat the lemon filling. And my Luna bars? Lemon Zest is the only flavor I'll eat. I inhale those. Granted, it's usually because I'm leaving the gym and starving. But for a protein bar, they're fucking delicious. I always say I feel like an asshole for eating a protein bar after I work out, but whatever. I'm hungry and it's LEMON-FLAVORED. I put lemon zest and lemon juice in my cous cous.

I even love the Lemony Snicket books! Sadly, they neither smell nor taste of lemons. Let's not get me started on Liz Lemon.

Looks like I'll be doing more baking this weekend. Curse you, lemon bars!

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