06 December 2007

Damn you, cheap beer!

Since I've been kinda sick all week (my coworker popped his head in my office during a coughing fit a bit ago and told me to go home because I sound terrible), I was planning on spending most of the weekend hanging out at home and doing little other than watching ridiculous amounts of basketball and football. Plus, it's supposed to snow again. Who wants to be out in that shit?

However, I received an e-mail today that put a crimp in my hibernating plans. It seems that Saturday is the The Herkimer's eighth anniversary and they're celebrating with $2.25 beers all day and all night. Yeah, like I'm going to miss that.

The Herk has become my go-to afternoon drinking spot on weekends. The Future Mrs. Dirk and I enjoy their cheap appetizers and two-for-one Bloody Marys immensely. After our most recent visit to plan the Ugly Christmas Sweater pub crawl, Macho Man called us "The Afternoon Drunks." The Future Mrs. Dirk said that's better than being an all-day drunk or a mean drunk. I must say I agree.

When I moved from Hennepin over to my current abode on Lyndale Avenue almost two years ago, The Herkimer also became my go-to first date spot. Though, I haven't been there for that purpose since I met Detlef there on whim in ... June?

Given the amount of time and money I spend there, I'm actually not a huge fan of their beers. The Alt is sometimes decent and I remember liking the Schwartz the last time I had it. And I'll drink the Dunkel in a pinch. I'm just not a fan of lagers, and that's what The Herk does. But you know, those beers are a hell of a lot tastier when they're only $2.25. Especially after two-for-one Bloody Marys during Happy Hour.


Muffy Willowbrook said...

Cheap beer that you dont' like??? I definitely see the logic in that. Think of the alcohol for medicinal purposes. Be well.

Jess said...

I'm a total beer snob. I can't help it. However, if I have enough other alcohol beforehand, I will love even cheap gross beer.

JP said...

I don't really like there beer either. But it is one of my favorite places.

Jess said...

I'm so glad to hear that, jp. I thought it was weird for me to like The Herk while not being terribly fond of their brews.

Look for me! I'll be The Afternoon Drunk pounding Bloody Marys!

Erica M said...

Proof that just because it's microbrewed doesn't mean it's better. Although that is generally a good rule of thumb.

Jess said...

Yeah, with the explosion of microbrews we can't just automatically assume they're going to be better than crap beer any longer.

Sometimes I hate having to be a discriminating consumer.