22 December 2007

Corrupting our nation's youth.

Or maybe our nation's youth was corrupting me? Last night, my two-year-old cousin and I were toasting each other and then she would take a drink out of her sippy cup and say, "Now you drink your juice!" I mean I was drinking juice already. And by juice, of course, I mean red wine. She's going to do just fine in this family.

I also taught her my evil laugh. And she does it well. Kids can be a hoot sometimes when they're not yours.


Big Blue Monkey said...

When they aren't yours, they are total fun. I saw my neice last week, and she's 12 going on 30, which means huge trouble for her mom.

But she and I can just laugh at her stupid mom, and there's no worry for me. Assuming she doesn't anything too stupid.

I hadn't seen her in a couple of years, and when she came running to hug me, damn it if I didn't get why people like producing genetic knock-offs of themselves.

Jess said...

Oh, yeah. I understand why people have kids.

My nephew is awesome, but when he's acting like an asshole, I also totally understand why I'll be forever content with other people's kids.