18 December 2007


I could have sworn that I'd had a post titled "Blah" at some point in the history of this blog. Seems like I was wrong about that. Or I didn't go back far enough because I'm lazy.

This goddamn fucking cold I have had for the last three weeks finally seems like it is on the way out. Of course, I launched into a coughing fit immediately after I finished typing that sentence. As bad, if not worse, than the actual feeling shitty has been everyone freaking out about the cough or my Lunch Lady Doris voice.

My mom was so alarmed at the sound of my voice on Friday night, she told me that I should stay home from her side of the family's Christmas party on Saturday. Why didn't I listen? It was torturous and all as usual. We did find out more shit about how horrible our grandparents are. It seems they actually told my mom and one of her sisters that they never really liked them. And they wonder why they never see us. Jesus.

Anyway, I am back on the mend. I've made it to the gym three days in a row! Though, I couldn't finish my cardio workout last night due to a headache, coughing and my lungs being on fire. But I only stopped about 10 minutes early. Yay me and all that.

My new birth control pills aren't quite the Holy Grail it seemed they might be when I took the first month's worth. Obviously, I knew the first month wasn't going to be indicative of future months. This is why I didn't write about how "OMG! My new pills are soooooo awesome!" after I finished the first pack. A girl can dream, though.

I did have a bit of the third-day-of-pills anxiety and I think I've got some PMS issues, but that could really be a combination of still being a bit sick, gray skies, knowing I can't take my vacation time next week, being broke and unable to finish my Christmas shopping until Friday or Saturday and general holiday stress.

But Jesus H. Christ, y'all, my tits so sore. I noticed it a bit last month, but it's almost ridiculous this month. Thankfully, I only notice it when I release The Girls from their restraints. There were no problems while I was on the elliptical machine last night, so that was good.

This is probably all just Tuesday being the suckiest day of the week, really. Honestly, what is the fucking point, Tuesday? You're just Monday in a hat. Come back when you're Hump Day and we'll talk.

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