26 December 2007

Apparently I didn't wish hard enough.

Hey, Fuckstain --

No one cares about your fucking chondroitin. Could you please just shut your fucking piehole so we can enjoy our Savasana in this 57-degree room?

Still hoping your dick falls off or you get some sort of drug-resistant strain of syphillis.

Namaste, asshole.


Brian in Mpls said...

I had to look this up..lol


Jess said...

I thought about providing a link for that, since most of us are quite young yet and don't need supplements for joint health or whatever the fuck you use that shit for.

Big Blue Monkey said...

I didn't look it up, because regardless of what it was, you are mean, Jess.


Jess said...

I'm only mean when I'm driven to it. That ass deserves whatever he gets.

Big Blue Monkey said...