13 November 2007

Things I learn from TV.

Advertisers seem to think that the people watching afternoon TV pee way too often and don't poop nearly often enough.


Brian in Mpls said...

I knew a reason would come to me if I gave it long enough to get my ass out of bed before it becomes dark again

crushthemall said...

And that people would rather be cremated because it's cheaper, and use the savings on a vacation instead of giving it to their kids.

Oh, and everybody's deaf, too. Which brings up a point. If I'm watching a commercial that's selling hearing aids, I almost expect to see automatic closed captioning for the hearing impaired. It should happen out of courtesy, and how are you going to reach your target audience if they have no idea what you are saying?

I sit and watch channel 4 news while I eat lunch every so often, and dream about poking my eyes out when I see these commercials.

Jess said...

That does seem pretty cruel and pointless, doesn't it? Perhaps the advertisers figure the person needing the hearing aid has a non-hard-of-hearing spouse or someone else around watching crap TV.

But that's a pretty big chance to take, since that other person is almost assuredly in the bathroom because they can't. stop. peeing.

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing Deaf People have closed captioning Turned On on their TV's.

Me, I want to know why I need a drug to Pee Harder. How many men were standing around going "I used to pee harder than this." before the commercial for Flow-Extra, or whatever, and how many now?

It is pure Advertising Theory, of course. "Create a Need". Sometimes that need turns out to not resonate--Clear Beer, or Peanut Butter and Grape Jelly in one jar, for example. I'm thinking Cottonelle's new "Strong" toilet paper will fall into that category. I bought it by accident, and let me tell you, if you ever wanted to wipe your ass with paper towels, but didn't want to use paper towels--that's your product!

Allowing drug companies to advertise on TV will make them behave like companies, and they will create needs to sell a product that does something that no one wanted until the product came into being.

Also, I want to know why a drug to cure the Jimmy-Legs will make me gamble. Or why Paxil sometimes causes the Grand Mal without the seizure.

Hey Brain Scienticians--Do You Know What You Are Doing?

How about Shane McGowan's lyrics about drug abuse being used to sell a Cadillac?