03 November 2007


Man, I didn't think pub crawl day would ever get here. But here it is, at long last. I'm absolutely fucking giddy today. In addition to the pub crawl, The Boy I Currently Like and I rescheduled our play date from last week for tomorrow. This weekend is looking pretty freakin' sweet.

All this despite the fact that I didn't sleep for shit last night. It's amazing how many cars with ridiculously loud stereos drive past at 4:00 in the morning. That's not why I woke up, nor do I think it's the reason I didn't go back to sleep. But it's still worth noting? Maybe not.

Well, I really can't sit around here posting stupid shit in my blog all day. I've got some personal grooming to do and some plenty of next-to-last-minute preparations for tomorrow. Then it's off for hours of drinking. Whooo!


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Jess said...

Patience, Little One. I'm writing the post right now!