16 November 2007

I love you people.

Especially the ever-increasing number of people who find me by searching "hate lolcats." God, I hate them so much.

Some may think this makes me a bad person, or makes me dead inside. You know who you are. I must respectfully disagree. The deep, burning hatred I harbor for Lolcats proves I'm more alive than ever. Or something. Honestly, they bug the shit out of me. I hate cats, I hate poor grammar and spelling and I hate internet-speak. It's like the perfect storm of things to draw my ire and disdain.

So, to all my kindred souls out there -- CILYIMBF?


Muffy Willowbrook said...

Someone else blogged about this today, too. I must admit; this phenomenon has totally by-passed me. No idea it even existed!

Jess said...

You should thank your lucky stars, sister.

Anonymous said...

I Can Haz Cheezburger?

Jess, you are Dead Inside. The only way you know how to Live Is To Make Everything Dead Around You.

LOLCats makes us better--as individuals, as a society, as country, as a World.

You sicken me.

Anonymous said...

That's exactly why they are funny. Only those of us who know the rules of grammar so intimately are allowed to break those rules with Lolcats. Same goes for free style poetry. You can't break the rules unless you know the rules.

Jess said...

You have no idea how dead inside I truly am.