21 November 2007

The Happiest Hour of them all.

Happy Hour is the best time of any day. I've proclaimed my deep, abiding love of Happy Hour many times before. But tonight, I'm going to attend THE Happy Hour -- the one I feel I've been waiting for my whole life.

Tonight I'm going to the Triple Rock Social Club for Bacon Happy Hour. From 9-11 p.m., you get free bacon at the Triple Rock. FREE BACON. I even read something about a $4 Bacon Mary, which I assume is a baconed-up version of a Bloody Mary and I must have it.

Why free bacon would be such a big deal to me is a mystery. I have free bacon in my freezer right now. It's one of (perhaps the only) the perks of being the daughter of a hog farmer. I suppose it's the novelty -- sit down at the bar and have a basket of bacon plopped down in front of you. Plus, someone else is cooking it. I don't make bacon nearly often enough because I have to get it out of the freezer and all that. Also, when I do make it, I usually eat way too much.

We've been planning this for weeks now. It's hard to get everyone out on a school night, but Thanksgiving Eve being the drinkingest day of the year ... well, tonight was a perfect choice. Especially now that I found out I don't have to go to my sister's because the parental units are no longer coming to town. I have a lot of extra time tomorrow before my guests arrive.

As I started writing this entry, I thought maybe I should check Thrifty Hipster, you know, just to make sure Bacon Happy Hour is still listed. So, I checked. And there is no Bacon Happy Hour listed on the Triple Rock's Thrifty Hipster page. It was just updated on November 12. Oh no!

I've got a man on the case right now, trying to solve the mystery. I won't be terribly devastated if they've discontinued Bacon Happy Hour. Getting to the Triple Rock on the bus can be a bit of a pain. There are plenty of good Happy Hours in Uptown. I'm thinking Liquor Lyle's as a substitute.

I suppose it's good to check in advance so we don't waste a trip over to the West Bank when all the Happy Hour attendees live in or closer to Uptown. But it would have been kind of awesome to walk up in there and be told Bacon Happy Hour had been discontinued. Then I would have been able to shout, "But ... I was told there would be bacon!"


Muffy Willowbrook said...

Congratulations on the Parent-Free Thanksgiving!

Have a great holiday!

Anonymous said...

I went to a bar once, and they had bacon out to eat. Like a bowl of nuts or something.. it was really weird, but it was really good.

Everything just tastes better with bacon!

happy holidays with lots of bacon.

Jess said...

Why thanks, ladies. I hope y'all have a loverly holiday too.

Much drinking and little stress to all!

Scarlett said...

Wow. The only think that would rock more than Bacon Happy Hour is if the woodgrain of the bar were replaced with formica in a design of marbled bacon fat!

And I would have lost it if you walked in and exclaimed that. Hell, I cracked up just now!

OC said...

Ahh the irony! I hope that the website was wrong and you got your free bacon. Or if not, you at least got some cheap drinks on the biggest bar night of the year! :)

Jess said...

We ended up going to the alternate bar. It was an awesome time. Whooo!

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!