29 November 2007

Again with the pub crawls?

You know it sister. Over the weekend, The Future Mrs. Dirk and I planned our Holiday Pub Crawl in a Bloody Mary-fueled frenzy.

Okay, so the pub crawl is basically down Lyndale Avenue and we were finished in about 10 minutes. But we needed a reward for buckling down and focusing on the task at hand (after discussing our respective Thanksgivings, of course), hence the Bloody Marys and fries.

We even managed to come up with a theme: Attack of the Ugly Christmas Sweaters. We're asking everyone to go out and find the most awesomely hideous Christmas sweater they can to wear on the crawl. Now, I'm sure there are going to be people who are too cool to participate. Every group has those people, right? But whatever. We shall mock the fun haters mercilessly. Or talk shit about them behind their backs. You've been warned, fuckers.

I really hope people participate in that portion. And yeah, the crawl is on December 29, which is after Christmas. But really, Ugly Christmas Sweaters are probably even more awesome (and on clearance!) a few days after the holiday has passed. Perhaps adding some New Year's Eve paraphernalia will help? A Christmas sweater paired with 2008 glasses and a party hat would probably win the prize hands-down. Oh, did I mention there will be an as-yet undetermined prize for the ugliest sweater? Well, there has to be some incentive, right?

The Ugly Christmas Sweater party/pub crawl is not new. I mean, the New York Times has written about it. As did my very own Minnesota Daily. I actually got the idea from seeing a picture of Drew Bennett (who, as a receiver for the Tennessee Titans, helped take The Bob Saget Fan Club to a Super Bowl appearance in our very first year playing fantasy football. And I only picked him over the other available free agent wide receivers because I thought he was cute) in an Ugly Christmas Sweater at an Ugly Christmas Sweater party. Oh, Drew. I owe you so very much.

I'm pretty stoked for this bad boy. Response has been great for this one, too. Perhaps people know they're going to need to have a break from the necessary boozing that we all do to get through Family Time, to so some fun boozing with friends.

God, I hope someone finds a horribly tacky vest. You could wear it with a turtleneck! That would be the motherfucking shit right there, y'all. Drop me a line at the e-mail addy above if you want the details. You know you want to come.


Anonymous said...

I fond a doozy today at the thrift store.It was red glitter with a mock turtleneck, no sleeves that ended at the middrift.

Excellent. A slutty Ugly Christmas Sweater.

I didn't buy it though. There's got to be something uglier than that out there quite frankly.

Jess said...

I don't know, man. That sweater sounds pretty fucking awesome.

Muffy Willowbrook said...

So excited for this! I am heading to Savers right now to find my sweater!

Jess said...