31 October 2007

What did you call me?

Last night at the gym, as I was about to board the hip adductor machine, a guy walked up and asked me, "Are you the Packer lady?"

Um, what?

Apparently, there is a woman who works out at my gym who talks about the Packers all the time and this guy thought I might be her. Dude, I rarely talk to anyone at the gym. If I do talk to people at the gym, the subject of the Green Bay Packers never comes up. That's not to say I don't talk about the Packers elsewhere. Oh, I do. But I talk mad shit about them in those cases.

There is a woman in my Wednesday yoga class who I have heard talking about the Packers. Perhaps it was her? She and I look nothing alike, though (I don't wear the green-and-gold Zubaz, after all).

Since my break-up with the Vikings, I've been offered a spot on the Packer bandwagon several times. As well as spots on the Bears, Lions, Patriots, Bills and Washington Racist Mascots bandwagons. It's nice to know that other fans are so welcoming. I'll never be a Packer fan. Ever. Even though I broke up with the Vikings, that's a step I can't take (guess I'm not all that spiteful and vindictive?).

As it turns out, I seem to feel that having someone assume I am a Packer fan is almost as insulting as someone assuming I was in a sorority. No offense to Packer fans (I count many Packer fans among my friends) or sorority girls out there. Unless you're the asshole version of either. Then I absolutely intended offense. 'Cause you're an asshole.

If I had a dollar for every time someone asked about my participation in Greek life in college -- both in college and out of college -- I might have as much as $10 or $15. Not that much money, but enough to buy a few bottles of Three Buck Chuck. Without fail, that question freaks me out. I can't understand why someone would think I might have been in a sorority. I was skeeved out when Whatshisfuckingface showed up at my place one day wearing a Sigma Chi shirt. "Oh my God, I'm dating a guy who was in a fraternity!" It made no difference that it was like, 15 years earlier.

I sometimes get asked if I play or played basketball. Sometimes I figure it's because I'm tall. But if you ask if I'm on the basketball team because I'm wearing my UNCW Basketball t-shirt, you should probably take a second to think before you ask that. It's a weeknight in September, so school is in session pretty much everywhere. The "UNC" part of the UNCW should probably lead you to realize the school might not be in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area. And really, do I look like I'm still in college? Thanks, but no. I just spent a year going to school there and now I wear this 15-year-old t-shirt to the gym.

No one ever comes up and asks if I'm a yoga-practicing, foul-mouthed, hipster lush. But I suppose that's pretty obvious.

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