02 October 2007

There are times when you just have to suck it up.

My brother is running in the TC 10 Mile on Sunday. I will probably get up at the asscrack of dawn on Sunday and trudge to St. Paul to try to get a glimpse of him at the finish line.

Though, I'm always a bit hesitant to do stuff like this when it comes to him, as I'm still holding a grudge for his refusal to attend either my undergrad or grad school commencements. Or either party I had for those two momentous occasions. In retaliation, I tried to skip out on his graduation party, but my mom essentially refused to let that happen ... because I had to be her kitchen bitch that day. Oh, but I got my bit of revenge. I nearly ended up making out with/going home with one of my brother's friends. This kind of thing makes him very uncomfortable. Apparently, he had to endure weeks of teasing because his friend liked his sister.

Still, grudge or not, I will most likely be there to cheer him on.

On Sunday, I was hanging out with Macho Man, World's Worst Wing Woman and some of her former coworkers before we all went to see Arcade Fire and LCD Soundsystem. For whatever reason, it came up that I often do things I would rather not do or go to places I hate for my friends. Sometimes I bitch about it openly, but I'd like to think most of the time, my complaining is done to outside parties or here.

World's Worst Wing Woman asked why I would do something I didn't want to do or go to somewhere I hated for my friends. Macho Man seemed to share her confusion. Really? You don't know the answer to that? Because you make sacrifices for people you love. Sometimes I'll suck it up and go to a club that grosses me out because that is where my friends want to go and I just want to spend time with them -- especially if it is a group of friends I don't see very often.

I go to Mass when I'm home because it is important to my dad and I'd really rather not fight about it. So, I sacrifice an hour's worth of sleep and think about sex and booze the whole time I'm there with a running monologue full of cursing in my head. He doesn't need to know that. I'm there and that is what is important.

Sometimes it works out that I get a two-for-one when I'm trying to be supportive of my friends and family. I go to my nephew's football games because he is my nephew, first and foremost. But those games are fun. And while I do love The Slats, I would hope that I'd still go to their shows even if I wasn't into their music because one of my very good friends is in the band.

But I just can't wrap my head around Macho Man's and World's Worst Wing Womans's inability to understand my motivations. Then again, knowing both of them the way I do, I really shouldn't be surprised.


Kristin said...

Taking one for the team ... I totally get that. And, because you get that too is one of the many reasons I love you. As the adorable Social Worker says "...because that's just what we do for each other!" So true.

Jess said...

Yeah, it's so good to have a group of friends who get that.

It's also very nice that we're all good drinkers.

blythe said...

arcade fire? i am in the wrong town.

Jess said...

You really are. There's a show here damn near every night for the next two weeks.

Alas, I'm probably only going to Spoon, Interpol and The New Pornographers. But still ...

Anonymous said...

I totally think about that at Mass, too. (Funniest blog line ever!!! Kudos!!)