05 October 2007

Oh, honey. Don't we all?

Someone stumbled upon this here corner of the interwebs in the wee hours of this morning using the following search term:

"i want to fuck bacon."

Dream big, interwebs searcher!


abbersnail said...

That is CLASSIC.

Mr. Shain said...

sorry, that was me. won't happen again.

Jess said...

What? Don't apologize, Shain. We all want to make the sexy time with bacon every now and again. However, society and their rules won't allow it.

But here? Here Shain, we're all kindred souls.

Anonymous said...

Look--if taking two strips of uncooked, lardy bacon, and rubbing them on my dick suddenly makes me a freak, so be it.

But don't you fuckers judge me.

If bacon didn't want it, it would not dress that way.

Mr. Shain knows what I'm talkin' about!